Vegan espresso chocolate Marshmallows | Madame Dessert

[English] Vegan espresso chocolate Marshmallows for all coffee lovers & chocoholics

Watch out, coffee lovers and chocoholics! If you haven’t already tasted my homemade vegan marshmallows with hazelnut brittle, you should definitely try this variation of the sweet delight! These little espresso chocolate Marshmallows aren’t just a so-so vegan alternative but are so fluffy that they melt in your mouth and still give you the caffeine kick you need to conquer the world. So let’s get started.


vegane Marshmallows ohne Gelatine | Homemade vegan marshmallows | Madame Dessert

[English] Homemade vegan marshmallows with hazelnut brittle

Sweet, fluffy and vegan. These homemade vegan marshmallows got everything a sweettooth needs – vegan or not – cause they are just so delicious, super fluffy and melt away in your mouth.

Be aware that they are kind of tricky to prepare. So get yourself a helping hand or two. I spare you and myself the whining about how it took me 4 attempts to finally get them right ;P. BUT: They are so totally worth the effort and took my heart by storm. So grab your baking buddy and let’s go!